BlindsMagic Day and Night Motorized Cellular Shades


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Smart Home Automation

BlindsMagic smart shades are designed to work seamlessly with popular smart home systems, such as HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and more.
No matter where you are, you can always be in control of your home with your smartphone. With the convenient app, voice control, and remote, you can easily control the amount of light that enters your room, creating a comfortable environment that suits your needs.

Effortlessly Control with App

With the app, you can easily automate your smart shades to create the perfect atmosphere in your home. Set up scenes and schedules to control your shades, save energy, and wake up to natural daylight.


Control your smart blinds using your voice through your smart home assistant. Make your interior come to life with simple voice commands.
By using voice commands, you can easily open or close your shades without having to leave your seat or even pick up your smartphone.

Multi-Channel Remote Control

Our remote allows you to effortlessly control up to 15 shades, making it ideal for large rooms with multiple windows. Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple remotes and enjoy the convenience of managing your home shades with a single remote control. Simplify your home and experience the ultimate in-home comfort.

Battery Powered

Our blinds have a built-in rechargeable battery, which means there are no cords or external power sources needed. A single charge can power the blinds for up to 600 cycles, or around 6 months, depending on how often they are used. For an even more sustainable power source, you can add a solar panel charging kit. Our cutting-edge technology will elevate your home while aligning with your values.

Silent Operation

BlindsMagic's super quiet motor, which utilizes advanced SPWM technology, operates smoothly and silently( <35dB ), while also providing a large torque capacity (max. 5kg load).
Additionally, BlindsMagic offers a 3-year warranty on both the motor and controls.
The high-quality fabrics are designed to reduce external noise, creating a peaceful environment that is ideal for light sleepers, children, and pets. BlindsMagic smart shades ensure that your loved ones can sleep soundly without being disturbed by loud noises.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews

BlindsMagic Day and Night Motorized Cellular Shades

Customer service is great!

 These were easy to install. Programming the remote was a bit of a challenge. With the help of YouTube, I finally got it. They work beautifully. Just what I wanted. They work good with Alexa, but you will need a hub to integrate with. The batteries last for weeks before needing charged. Overall, I couldn’t be happier unless they lowered the price a little.

Great Blackout Smart Blinds

Great blackout quality, fairly quiet motor, mostly nice hub integration. Nice mounting options and quick clip in design. Easy access to the batteries is nice, but I with it were a little easier to get the batteries out since you can't really tip the blind once installed. I got it hooked up to the Hubitat hub, but it isn't working with Google Home through the hub and it isn't supported directly either. I had a few issues with damaged shades with my first orders due to the way it's packaged with its bits box. I contacted the company and they were very responsive to this feedback and accommodating with sending me a new better packaged blind. Overall a nice smart blind.

Bear J.
Excellent blind

Really like this brand and design. Make sure they fit inside your window casing. Fairly easy to install if you do protects like blinds. Well made and work great.

Easy install. Wish I had them in every room!

 I put these in my ten year old daughters room. She had a roller blind that kept breaking and needed something that was easy for her to “work”.They easily installed. They look and work great! We mainly just use the remote because it’s so easy. They darken up the room nicely as well.